Uplifting The Marginalized Through The Blanket Distribution Project

On the morning of January 5, the SDACEC Community Service (formerly Dorcas) department organized the distribution of blankets at a slum in Kalkere. The blankets were purchased from funds raised by a very successful breakfast sale held a month earlier. The church treasury supplemented the collection with funds from the budgetary allocation to enable the purchase of 150 woolen blankets for the purpose. 

The volunteers had planned to meet at around 10:00 AM, at the Sunshine campus but due to another event planned around noon, many were unable to make it. Members from Sunshine and High Street churches joined us as we made our way to the slum. 

Our church member, Jayanti Dorothy, who is actively involved in personal charity efforts helped us identify this group of migrant laborers who have been dealing with the coldest winter we have had in a few years. She had informed the group in advance and apprised us that most of the residents would be at home that Sunday. An elder in the slum informed us that there were around 200 huts. We found the locality on Google Earth and counted the huts for ourselves.

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On location, our head elder offered a word of prayer, and our little group split up into small teams and went from door to door distributing the blankets. A small group gathered to watch and were instructed to wait for us in their home, with the promise that we would visit each home. We did. A handful of homes were locked and the residents away, but a few of them returned before we were done, and we were able to give them blankets too. They happily received our humble and useful gift. 

The highlight of the morning was when an elderly lady who was suffering from weakness and body ache approached us and asked us to pray for her. She had been to a few hospitals in search of treatment, but her ailment was not adequately addressed. Brother Vincent asked her for her name and we bowed our heads and petitioned the Divine Healer in prayer. 

A few leftover blankets will be distributed this week to lepers and footpath dwellers near Banaswadi Railway Station that our Deacon ShivaKumar has brought to our notice.    

The department plans to be more active in the coming year, assisting those in need, and being a blessing to the less fortunate among us. Church members have already offered to give us clothes and other gifts to distribute to those who will use them. 

Please approach us with your suggestions, and offerings of materials, funds, talent, and time. If you are aware of a person, a family, or a community in need, please share that information with us as well. But most of all, please pray that our little team will be able to make a difference to many more people this year and that God will use us to bless a wider circle of people. 

Dorcas was this large-hearted woman in the Bible who invested her meager means in lighting up the lives of others in need. Be like Dorcas.