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Pr Shrikanth Shendkay

Although no words can help ease the loss you bear, know that you all are in our thoughts and prayers. I admired Aunty Thangarani for her strength of character and faith. She will live in my memories and I shall live with this Hope that I will see her face to face with Lord Jesus on that glorious day which is soon to arrive. God is Good

Sunil Chris

My prayers and condolences to my dear friend Anil.

Sulochana Benjamin

We are so sorry for your loss. Acca was one if the nicest person We’ve met. We will cherish all those times we spent with her. The Lord’s return is not too far. It’s our sincere prayer that God will give you all the strength to bear this loss.

Vinyl Robert

My deepest condolences are you grieve the loss of your beloved. She was my teacher in primary school and I remember the kindness and goodness she showed by reflecting the character of Christ in her life. Our prayers for God’s comfort and peace are with the bereaved family especially uncle Dass, Arun and Anil and your families.

Martha & Samuel (USA)

Our condolences and prayer to Arun, Anil and Dass Anna.

Peter & Rosette Davamony

A great lady who worked hard to give her family a bright future. Her smile and affectionate nature was her asset. Condolences to the grieving family until we meet again in our heavenly home.

Shivonne Sampson

My first memory of Thangarani Miss was when she walked into my 4th std classroom as my Social Studies teacher. I was new to everything then having just come from Kuwait and I used to feel very shy and scared to make new friends or speak up. She somehow always knew the right things to say, was so understanding and witty, and really knew how to get my attention without scolding me or taunting me. She was extraverted and loud but it used to comfort me and that helped me speak up more in class. I remember when she and a few other teachers did a skit for Children’s Day back in 1998 where she was a student and wore the SDA school uniform as her costume. But that’s just how she was – courageous, bold, strong, unafraid to be different, yet someone you could have a quiet conversation with. I remember her telling me once that ‘nobody wears the same size shoes’ and I never quite understood it until much later. That it was okay to be different. It was hard to see her memory fade over the months, but she was always smiling. I only have fond memories of Thangarani Miss and she will continue to live in my heart. May her soul rest in peace.

Jesudoss Pattabiraman

I am Arun’s classmate in EDT, Kudikadu. I never called her aunty because she never treated me as her son’s friend. She felt I was her son too. Her hospitality is something I can never forget. Her positive attitude & courage inspired me a lot. The way she dealt with things was always a surprise to me. She was always so updated and knew what was happening in the world. I will miss her sweet words, her love, and her hospitality. I know whenever I visit Bangalore I will always feel an emptiness. I hope to see her on the day of resurrection with her smiling face.

Ellen Augustin

The human heart longs for sympathy in suffering.This longing Christ felt to the very depths of His being,

Ellen G. White Desire of Ages, pg-687

Aunty always had a smile on her face. She sacrificed so much as a mother to provide for her home. She nurtured and instilled invaluable traits in her sons. She will be remembered for her kindness.

Preethy Purushotham

Thangrani Miss.. aunty. I’ve known aunty since I was a little girl. She was my geography teacher in school. She taught me what the ‘Bay’ in the Bay of Bengal was. Always laughing and very witty! You will be dearly missed aunty. Lots of love to uncle, Arun Anna, Anil Anna, Gloria Akka and Vandana Akka. Praying for you all in this difficult time. May God’s love and peace surround and comfort you.

Sheela Naveen

Thangarani miss/ aunty was known for her humour and discipline. She was my class teacher in grade 3. She was always such a loving and caring person. Family was always first to her. She was a very good friend of my mother.

Uncle Dass, Arun Anna, Anil, Gloria and Vandana, may the good Lord give you the courage and strength as you live through the loss of the one you loved, cared for and cherished.

Shanker Simon Davamony

May her soul rest in peace.

Devadas & Priya Bullava

Our deepest condolences to the family. Keeping you all in our prayers. God give you all strength and courage during this time.

Karen John

My deepest condolences to the family. I was one of her students at Spencer Adventist Elementary School. She was one of the best teacher I ever had. Her passion for the students shined so bright that she made you want to be the best student. She loved squirrels. She will always hold a special place in my heart. Some of my fondest memories I have , is spending time with her at school and church. She will be deeply missed.

Silas Jetty (Toronto, Canada)

Sister Thangarani was a very very loving person. Her family is one of the closest family to my heart and a rare blessed family. I miss my sister very much and hope to meet her in heaven. May the Lord bless and comfort you Anthony Dass Anna, Arun, Anil and families.

Jagan A

She was a great teacher, can’t forget her.

Priscilla & Chethan John

Thangarani Miss was my PT teacher in middle school. She was always our companion in church camps. She would stay with us girls in the dorm even though she had her own comfortable room. She loved us kids and I fondly recall all the stories she would share with us during camps, once it was lights out. She always had deep conversations with me, conversations that I hold dear. May you rest in peace, Aunty until that glorious morning. Our heartfelt condolences to Uncle, Arun Anna, Gloria Akka, Anil and Vandana. We are praying for you.

Dr. Vinod G

Heartfelt condolences, Arun. Stay strong and take care.

Eben Anbiah

Thangarani miss was my 5th standard class teacher. A teacher like her is very hard to find these days. I can still remember her as she walked the corridors of Spencer school. Strict as well as loving and caring at the same time. Something that is difficult to do. She gave individual attention to students. She had plenty of ideas and used innovative ways to shape children. She made us learn tables in the lunch break, made us to memorize Bible verses and repeat in the assembly as a class. The world was a better place with her presence. Her enthusiasm and dynamic personality is unique. I loved her a lot. Last days of my fifth standard we had class party and all of us contributed money to buy brass candle stands and we lit the candle placed in the stand as we held it, we sang and committed our lives. A graduation like event in a fifth grade class. One can only imagine her interest in school work. Her teaching was outstanding & perfection was her standard. I have tried to imitate her in ways that I can. I thank God for her life. We will meet her in heaven soon.

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