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Godwin Paul & Family

Uncle Colin,You were a friend to all age groups. Always called us your children and our children- your grand children. You longed to feel better and play football with Gihon. I’m sure we will all spend eternity together when Jesus comes to take us home.

We will miss you dearly.

Earnest Samuel (Sanjay)

He was always energetic, kind and a generous Man.
His second bench seat on the middle row of our church seating will always be known as Uncle Collin’s place.

Derrick Jayson

I have known Uncle Collin from the time I started attending Cunningham Church. He was an amazing person and always ready to talk to people. I will definitely miss him.

Joy Sarker

Collin was the only member , possibly, of our Church who was warm and affectionate. We had a great respect for each other. His smile, warm and strong hand shake and his earnest prayers for my family will be missed dearly. Rest in peace, brother!

Fred Christiansen

From the descendants of the late Pastor R.G. Christiansen, pastor of Bangalore English church on Cunningham Rd from early 1957 until summer 1960, our condolences to the family of our dear brother, Colin Matthews

Uthra Sundaram

It’s very saddening to know of Uncle Colin’s demise. He was one among the very few who would talk to me when I was new to the church in Bangalore. He made me laugh and was full of life.
RIP Uncle Collins till we meet in the second coming !!

Sampson Paka

He was a nice and very understanding person, ever ready to take on any responsibility. He was a very gentle and loving person. I will miss him very much and am hopeful to meet him when Jesus comes. Until then goodbye.

Christine Mahesh

A gentle and kind soul who will be truly be missed. I am so glad I was able to see him in November when I was in Bangalore.


The first time I stepped into Cunningham church in 2015 I was warmly greeted by Uncle Colin. He would always say I’m on his prayer list as he would wake up every morning at 5 am to pray, since he had many people on his prayer list. He also introduced me to Roger Morneau’s books. I’m so grateful to Uncle for his profound help during my baby Christian days. In 2016 June when we had health camp at church you came and took few of us to Chandrika and their masala dosa is your favourite you said. When you became unwell lately and were unable to recognise me, I missed the old days. Looking forward to the day I’ll meet you again and tell you why I was unable to come see you when you were unwell. 🙁

Shakuntala Singhroy

It is very sad indeed to lose a very good human being and my dear friend. He was not only a kind-hearted person but also a thorough gentleman! Always with a smiling & welcoming face, he brought with his presence sunshine in our lives and I used to look forward to the days that I would meet him in the church. Very recently, he had difficulty to sit straight but even in that position, he used to pray silently to our dear God. I do remember that he would try to grasp our hands and show his warmth for each and everybody. He was also very fond of watches. We will miss his beaming face. I will miss my dearest friend. God bless your soul.

Mary Vargheses

Uncle Collin will surely be missed. His energy and happiness was so contagious. His smile and warmth was straight from the heart. After he got sick he still made it to church. Even though his balance was not stable he wanted to stand for every song and prayer.

Victor & Mala Purshotham

We will really miss Colin. Especially his visit to our shop, while dropping Rohith for tuition. Can never forget the good time we had together, sometimes he even shared recipes. He was a powerful Prayer Warrior. Will truly miss him.

Manohar Raju Kandikatla

One thing that stands out with Uncle Collins is his friendly and cheerful nature. He was down to earth and was a friend of all.  As a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, he walked the talk. Apart from meeting him in church, I also met him at his home on one occasion. I realized that he was the same everywhere – welcoming and hospitable. My wife Reshma knew him longer than I did & I am sure she has learnt a lot from him.

His death is a huge loss to the Central English Church in particular and to the Adventist community in Bangalore as a whole. We need such faithful and strong Adventists to guide us in these last days. We will cherish our memories with him.

Clemente Esono

With sadness I received the news of the passing away of Uncle Collin Matthews. He was a strong and principled man. May he rest in peace!

Anupama Philip

Colin Uncle was a very enthusiastic person, always ensured he ushered visitors and greeted everyone who came to church. I worked closely with him while in the prayer ministries team in 2016. He was a prayer warrior and had valuable insights to share. I remember his testimony about Rohit. Thankful for him to bringing up the young boy in the true faith. He was always kind to children and came down to their level to connect with them. Even when his memory was failing and he could speak just a few words he used to see me and ask how are the children. Even when we went to do His Lord supper in the rehab, he asked for our children. He would stretch his hand out from the wheelchair to wish each one of them. When Uncle Colin stood up at church, I praise God for his testimony and for being a living miracle that inspires us each time. He was a great cook. I relished his cashew and raisin rice and delicious salads.He was quick to appreciate, ready to celebrate, offer praise in any situation. Hard to see a man of that stature and energy.. with so much of life in him go away. May the Lord comfort the family members and all the church members from Philip, Anupama, Sharon, Edna and Amy


Uncle Colin was a cheerful, friendly and encouraging man who loved to welcome and talk to many.
I remember, he gave me wise counsel about marriage and prayed for me. May the Lord comfort the family members.

Funeral Information

Date: 27th December 2019

Time: 11:00 AM

Place: SDA CEC

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Life Sketch


Noel Colin Frederick Matthews

(25th August 1941 to 18th December 2019)

Noel Colin Frederick Matthews who was born fourth of nine children, five girls and four boys, to William George Matthews and Myrtle Alice (Robinson) Matthews, was throughout his life the liveliest, most fun-loving, sociable, and most adventurous of his siblings. His Father, worked as an “A-Grade” Railway Driver and also trained other promising young drivers, while his Mother was an able and exemplary Home Maker.

His paternal grand-father, Late George Theophilus Matthews was Magistrate at the Mayo Hall Court , M G Road, Bangalore. His maternal uncle, was Late Canon James E Robinson, (canonised by the Queen of England), who worked as the head of Christ Church and Principal of Christ Church School For Boys and Girls in Jabalpore, M.P., one of the best schools in India.

His early schooling was at: St. George’s Home, Ketti, The Nilgiris; at Clarence School, Bangalore; and, at the SDA School, Spencer Road, Bangalore.

He then chose to work as a young Literature Evangelist in our Mission under Pastor V. T. Thomas in Bangalore and Belgaum as Sales Topper. His energetic disposition and intellect prompted his mother to enrol him in the Boys Battalion at Secunderabad, A. P., where he learned life’s tough but necessary disciplines.

Throughout his school days and well into his adult years he was very athletic, excelling in field sports like, hockey, football, and sprinting, to the extent that Kenneth Powell, Karnataka’s fastest sprinter, preferred to train against him since young Colin would always outrun him! His other sporting hobbies were boxing and body building. He not only excelled in these various sports but also generously trained his juniors to excel also.


He even used his powerful singing voice to run away with many trophies.

His energetic disposition and sharp intellect prompted his mother to enroll him in the Boys Battalion, Secunderabad, where he learned life’s tough but necessary disciplines.

He later worked as a machine operator for Guest Keen Williams Electrical Stampings, Rajajinagar, Bangalore, and also as the Field Sales Representative for Transmission Chain Centre, N R Road, Bangalore, before he joined international cargo shipping companies while riding the waves on Greek ships like the MV/Athenian Sky and the Stella Maris as Chief Diesel Engineer in their Boiler Rooms . When his contracts were over he returned home to Bangalore and then left to work in Doha for a while before he joined his elder brother in Australia where he worked as Chief Mechanical Engineer in Colgate Palmolive and Cumins Australia, specializing in pump sets. At the end of his service in that country as a citizen, he was granted an Australian pension.

Colin was baptized into the SDA Church in 1958 on the same day as his Mother as a result of attending an evangelistic series of meetings by Pastor R G Christianson

He returned home to Bangalore from Australia in the year 2000 when he took over the running of his Mother’s home, caring for her during her later senior frail and ailing years with a broken hip along with his retarded sister, Oreen; Of course, this was made possible by the added help of his younger brother Gerald, and hired help until they both passed away; Oreen in 2003 and his Mother in 2004. Rohith Daniel as son of one of the hired ladies came to become Colin’s ward from the age of about nine months until he was sixteen years old and joined his mother in the UK. Colin was more than a father to him affectionately watching over him and helping him grow, physically, spiritually, educationally, socially, psychologically and practically all those years which is really paying dividends now! Rohith was the apple if his eye and was his pride and joy throughout!

He chose to live a very systematic practical adventurous, charitable life while promoting God and Church as first priority. He travelled to other countries and made periodic trips back to Australia, the U.S. and the U.K. to visit with friends and family; he was an active church member, was Head Deacon and member of the Church Board, he served in various other capacities in the church, and was a fervent prayer warrior. He had unwavering faith in God and an in depth understanding of His Word. He tried not to lose an opportunity to tell someone about the love of God and Jesus’ soon coming. He took the Great Commission very seriously, and spread the gospel of Christ with a passion, and without reservation. He believed with all his heart that Jesus is coming soon and believed that it was his responsibility to be ready, and to prepare and encourage others to be ready too. This is the legacy that he now leaves behind. This could be our continued reason to press on towards our Eternal Home.

On April 24, 2018, Colin, as the result of a gradual controlled fall in the kitchen while warming up his food was taken to Chaitanya Hospital at R T Nagar by the external nurse who was able to get there before the family. His diabetes and blood pressure readings were high causing a sizable stroke and many little seizures through the next three weeks while there. Alarmed by this and after being told that his Neuro Surgeon, Doctor Prakash, was from the Hosmat Hospital, his sister, Blossom, moved him to the Hosmat Hospital ICU where she kept him until his sister, Loretta, arrived three weeks later and had him moved to a ward. Later under his doctor’s recommendation he was admitted into Suvitas Rehabilitation Centre at Domlur, Bangalore, for the next six months. Then he was moved back home.

While under home care he seemed very weak and had mood swings while his health symptoms seemed to fluctuate. On the day he took bad at 6:30 p.m. the resident nurse informed his brother Gerald, through her son in person, casually, while he was passing through the home for his medical file upstairs, that Colin was shivering since 4:30 p.m. so they were planning to take him to Hosmat to which Gerald replied, “Then please do so at once”, then he left to his own doctor. Colin was admitted in the Hosmat Hospital ICU only at 12:30 p.m.; then he seemed to recover a bit so was moved to the ward; then again to the ICU where he was anointed by Pastor Cyril Montero. He brightened up, opened his eyes in recognition then went into seizures again and started to gasp for breath when the doctors advised that the family be told and prepared for the worst. But sad to say that Colin breathed his last, in The Lord, at about 1:30 p.m. on December 18, 2019.

He leaves behind three younger siblings, viz., Gerald Robert William Matthews, Blossom Margaret Rosalind Bunyan, and, Loretta Ann Grace Matthews; his nephew, Hughel Brent John Bunyan; his niece, Cheryl Ann Thomas and her two sons, grand-nephews, Sean and Tankrid Thomas, along with many senior and junior male and female cousins, and their families and other relatives and in-laws here and abroad.

—Written By Blossom Margaret Rosalind Bunyan (nee Matthews), Third Sister.