Full Measure, Pressed Down, And Overflowing

The Community Service (previously Dorcas) department kicked into action early this year. Having
obtained permission from the principal, they organized a food sale at the Spencer Road Pre University
College on Monday, February 24.

Being a weekday, not many women of the church were able to participate or contribute to the sale.
The team landed there on time, armed with muffins, donuts, idlis, fruit salad, and oodles of enthusiasm.
Veterans of many church breakfast sales, the volunteers though they had everything under control. A
quick word of prayer, and they were all set to go. Boy! Were they going to be surprised!!
The first indication of the impending inadequacy was when a few teachers sauntered by and glanced at
the assortment of home-cooked treats. “Is that all you have? This will finish in five minutes,” they
snorted. “The children are going to be disappointed. Some of them have not brought their lunch,”
warned another. The school had announced that there was going to be a food sale, and the children
had come prepared.

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Heeding their advice, the pastor and a volunteer went scrambling to get more snacks to sell. The shops
and bakeries were just opening for the day, but fortunately there were multiple options on hand.
Then the recess bell rang and the eager students poured out of their classrooms to surround the food
stalls with a sea of chattering, yammering faces. As wave upon wave of eager children broke against the
counters, the food-laden tables were literally pushed against the walls. Teachers joined the team of
volunteers to bring in a semblance of order and process, and quickly helped them diminish their stock.
Pastor Daryl Joshua and department leader, Jacqueline Skau had to scramble multiple times to get
reinforcements and refresh the stock. Juice, ice cream and bakery items were added to the fare.
Finally, late in the afternoon, the sale was over, and the exhausted volunteers who remained till the end
offered a prayer of thanks and staggered out for lunch tired and hungry, but beaming from ear to ear
The Cunningham Road Central English church is grateful to the principal, Isaac; treasurer Nixon Kujur,
and all the staff members for their unstinted support to this cause. The church members who
contributed and helped include the church pastor, Neelam (and little Nes of course), Kasturi, Dorothy,
Mary and Anjita Varghese, Sharill and Kevin, and Jacqueline and Edwin Skau.
God reiterated that day that when you toil for Him, prayerfully, even if all you have is a paltry meal,
you’d better carry twelve empty baskets along.

The Community Service department will be raising funds throughout the year to support the elderly, the
less fortunate, and the lonely. We also plan to help various beneficiaries to become self-reliant and
independent. We will visit the ill, the indisposed, carry the love of Jesus to them in a quick meal, a warm
smile, earnest prayer, and any comfort we can provide.