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Whether you’re seeking to grow spiritually, connect with others, or serve our community, there’s a place for you here. From Bible studies and prayer groups to outreach initiatives and youth programs, discover how you can get involved and make a difference. Join us as we journey together in faith, love, and service.

Adventist Youth

The Adventist Youth (AY) Ministries caters to youth and young adults of our Church, arming them with the Word of God. AY meetings held are every Saturday at 5:30 pm at SDA Spencer School Campus (Map)

Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministries work as a support & prayer group providing women with a space to share, support and worship together. Meetings are usually held in the church or at members’ homes. Please reach out to us if you’d like to join the ministry.

Dorcas Ministry

The Dorcas ministry engages in fundraising programs to help the less fortunate around Bangalore city. Every couple of months the department hosts fundraisers for various causes, ranging from providing essential supplies to vulnerable communities to funding educational initiatives for underprivileged children.


The Pathfinder Club focuses on helping young people develop their spiritual, mental, physical, and social skills through a variety of activities and experiences such as camping, hiking, community service projects. The program emphasizes character development, teamwork, and service to others, aiming to nurture well-rounded individuals who are committed to their faith and community.

Social & Fellowship

The social and fellowship department organizes games, potlucks, dinners, picnics, and other activities that help the church bond and stay connected. Check out our Events page to know about upcoming activities.

Midweek Prayer Meeting

Every Wednesday a short prayer meeting is held in the home of one of our church members. The meeting includes prayer, fellowship and brief message. For meeting times and location call Pr.Daryl Joshua on +91 9159745408.

Prayer Ministry

The prayer ministries organizes prayer groups, fasting and prayer sessions, and all night prayer meetings. They also have a prayer warriors group that upholds the various prayer requests that are sent in each week.

Outreach Ministry

Our outreach department strives to make a meaningful impact by actively contributing to community development. On the last Sabbath of every month the whole church participates in Compassionate Sabbath, a program where members go into the community and serve.