Get Connected, Stay Connected

We have various programs and activities to encourage people to discover God, develop their spiritual lives, and help them deploy their spiritual gifts. We believe that God has called us according to His own purpose and grace, allowing us to work in His plan for the church. Take a look at some of the ministries and programs we have running and see how you can be a part of God’s work!

Worship & Study


Vespers is a Friday evening service and is a special time when we gather together to worship. During this time we sing, pray and listen to a short sermon. Vespers starts at 7:30 pm and end at 8:30 pm. We invite you to join.

Sabbath School

Our Sabbath School program begins each Saturday morning at 9:15 AM in the sanctuary, then we break into groups to study God’s Word. Once Sabbath School finishes, we gather in the sanctuary to begin the divine worship service at 10:50 A.M.

Divine Service

This is the main service of the Sabbath. We invite you to join with us as we seek God through music, prayer, children’s story, and the study of His Word. Our worship service has something meaningful for every age. All are welcome!

Ministries & Activities

Adventist Youth

The Adventist Youth Ministries caters to our youth and young adults, with the purpose of arming them with the Word of God. The AY department has programs every Saturday at 5:30 pm to engage the youth of our church.

Dorcas Ministry

The dorcas department engages in fund raising programmes to help the poor and less fortunate around Bangalore city. Every few months the department has a food sale to help raise funds for the poor around the city.

Social & Fellowship Dept.

The Social and fellowship department of the church brings the church together to value relationships. They organize activities that bond the church together to help them stay connected. Eg. games, potlucks, dinners, picnics, celebrating anniversaries , birthdays.

Prayer Ministry

The prayer ministries of the church encourages each believer to see Prayer as a gift God has given each of us. They help the church in organizing Prayer groups, Prayer walks, Fasting and Prayers and all night prayers. They have a special Prayer Warriors group that upholds everyday the various prayer requests that come in.

Women's Ministry

Women's Ministries exist to work as a support group and prayer group providing a place to belong in a small group setting where women can feel comfortable and have a safe place to pray and receive the support of Christian friends.


The Pathfinder Club is part of a world-wide, co-ed Pathfinder’s department in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Children and teens learn about God through fun, educational activities. Meetings are held every second Saturday.

Outreach Ministry

Our outreach department aims to touch people by doing what we can to our help build communities. On the last sabbath of every month the whole church participates in Compassionate Sabbath, a program where we go into the community and serve.

Mid-Week Prayer Meeting

Every Wednesday we meet in the homes of church members to pray, fellowship and study the word. We value this time because it brings us closer to God and the church family. For meeting times and location information call Pr.Daryl on +91 9159745408