Building a new Tomorrow: Investiture 2019

The Pathfinder/ Adventurer Investiture Service is an annual service where Friend through Guide pins are presented to children enrolled in the Church’s Pathfinder program. The service was conducted on 23 March at CEC where 20 Adventurers and 7 pathfinders participated.

It was a happy and colorful sabbath filled with smiles and a sense of achievement. The dreams of the club members and the parents became a reality as many children received their first pin. The children had regular classes throughout the year, participated in Pathfinder Day, attended the pathfinders camp, completed their courses and earned every patch on their beautiful sashes. Each counselor’s & parents’ relentless efforts were instrumental in all 27 children receiving their pins.

What a delight it was to witness our toddlers sit attentively throughout the service evidencing the discipline and self-control they honed during the program.

South Central India Union Youth Ministries Director, Elder Mohan Raj Daniel presided over the program and presented a message on the importance of the spirit of pathfinding after which Pr. Stanley Daniel from the Bangalore Metro Conference gave the charge for the Investiture.

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Master Guides from our church were invited to the front to reward each pathfinder with their pin.

After the service, the church family enjoyed a special potluck prepared by the women of our church which included a special ‘kids menu.’

Pathfinders leaders Pr. Daryl Joshua, Mrs. Vasanthi Shivakumar, Mrs. Madhubala Binu, Mrs. Arthi Edwin, Mr. Anil Das, Mrs. Julie Tudu and Miss Natasha brought a perfect blend of skills to ensure that each child was equipped and ready for their new roles in the club.

A big thank you to the parents for their co-operation and support, God has been gracious in blessing our efforts in building future leaders for His work, and we look forward to another exciting year at Pathfinders.

– Anupama Philip

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