An engimatic encounter on Cunningham Road

It was a busy friday evening, July 12, 2019 , Meenakshi walked into the church. Her uncle was admitted at the Vikram Hospital close by. While passing by she heard singing coming from inside of the church. She walked in quietly, sat down at the last row and listened carefully. She loved the songs and the message that night.
After the service, church members talked to her and appreciated her dropping by, I introduced myself as the pastor and she asked me if I had some time to talk to her. She was in her late thirties, a travel journalist by profession who worked with many news agencies. We began to talk, she had questions on life’s purpose, suffering and pain, marriage, unanswered prayers, Jesus, Bible and also on why christians convert people. While the conversation went on, I shared with her the story of creation and the Sabbath, a special day that God set aside to remind us that you and I were created for a special purpose.

Just as we were about to pray, a man walked in. He too, while walking past the church, had seen the doors open and the lights on. So he decided to stop by and pray. His name was Nath and I asked him if you would like to join us in prayer too.
So we walked to open space near the first row of the church. But before we began praying, Meenakshi, asked Nath if he was a Christian. He smilingly said that he was. She then, asked him what denomination did he belong too. His reply was “ I am believer in Jesus”. It had been three years since he accepted Jesus as his personal saviour.

Still curious, Meenakshi asked him, “ how has been these three years after accepting Jesus”. He replied, Amazing! they are the most precious years of his life and it was the best decision that he had ever made. He was no more the person he used to be. She was speechless. She said “Pastor, can you please for me”. That night we prayed together.

As we were walking out of the church, Nath asked me what time our service began. Instead of me replying Meenakshi quickly replied to Nath’s question and told him why we worship on Saturday and what happens every Sabbath – from worship, singing, message from the Bible, fellowship lunch and ministries in the afternoon. I was impressed that she had been keenly listening as we talked, even though she wasn’t a Christian there was a intense desire to know more. I reached home that night and pondered of this unique encounter.

I did not see them the next day though, but I knew that it was a God ordained experience and He would bring them back someday.

This Monday July 29, 2019 , we were so blessed to have copies of Desire of Ages, the Great Controversy and other literatures being shared to our church. I had booked a Porter truck to help transport these boxes of literature to the church. Well, instead of giving the church address I gave the Fortis Hospital address as the landmark since it was close to our church.

While waiting outside Fortis Hospital for the vehicle to come, I saw a man walking hurriedly towards me saying “Pastor, Pastor”. It took me a few moments to recognize the person, because he was wearing a tie and sunglasses. As he came closer I asked him, “Are you Nath”? He said with a big smile, “You’re right Pastor”. He looked quite different, I did not know he was a big businessman cause that night he wore simple casuals.

He insisted that we go for lunch together. I told him that I was waiting for some books to be delivered and then we could go. The Porter truck arrived with the books, Nath helped me unload the boxes and place it inside the church. Before we left for lunch, I told him I have a incredible book to share with you on the Life of Jesus, one of the best he could ever read.

I gave him the first copy of The Desire of Ages unpacked from the box with a prayer.

Afternoon, we had lunch together and talked about many things, from the Bible, to work, to family, children, his testimony of accepting Jesus, church history to baptism. I had a privilege to pray for him and his family that afternoon. He said this was a God ordained encounter and was immensely thankful for listening to him and taking time to answer so many of his questions. He had a meeting to attend and had to leave shortly. He left that afternoon holding the book Desire of Ages close to his heart.
There are many Nath’s and Meenakshi’s around us who are searching for the truth. Many times you don’t need to search for them God will send them to you. Don’t miss an opportunity to lead them to Jesus. God’s kingdom will grow when each of us make our lives available to experience an Divine Encounter.

Those who are wise will shine as bright as the sky, and those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever. Daniel 12:3

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