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To prepare the city of Bangalore for the soon coming of Jesus Christ

Leadership Team

Led by Pastor Daryl Joshua, our leadership team seeks to serve with compassion and dedication, guiding our ministries, departments and small groups. Each member is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others, nurturing spiritual growth and fostering community.


Daryl Joshua

Daryl Abilash Joshua was born in Bangalore to Pr. and Mrs. Calvin Joshua. As a baby, he and his twin brother were dedicated to God’s service at the Central English Church, Cunningham Road. Daryl had his early education at Spencer Elementary School, after which the family moved to Shillong in North East India where they served as missionaries for ten years.

Having studied in our boarding schools like James Memorial, ED. Thomas, and Lowry, he was blessed with an Adventist education throughout his childhood. After completing his Bachelor of Science Degree at Spicer Memorial College, Daryl gave his life to Jesus and decided to study for Ministry. He went on to get his Masters of Religion Program from Andrews University before getting involved with ministry work in 2003. He also has an additional masters degree in Social Science.

Daryl saw God’s work come to life early on. He began his pastoral career as a Pastor/ Evangelist in Orissa for three years. He then was called to work with young people at Roorkee Adventist College as the Pastor/ Teacher and the Dean of the College. He later moved to the Salisbury Memorial Park Church and then back to India in the Katraj Adventist Church, Pune where he served as the Pastor.

In 2012, he was called to be the Pastor of the Central Church at Hyderabad. While serving there, he was invited by the General Conference to be trained to be part of a unique initiative called One Year In Mission to help and assist the New York 13 Mission to Cities Project. Over the next three and a half years, he led as a coordinator for the project at the Southern Asia Division. Two years ago, he came a full circle when he was called to serve as pastor in the church his parents were married in, and he was dedicated – the Seventh-day Adventist Central English Church, Bangalore.

Pastor Daryl has always had a particular passion for working with young people and has drawn many young people towards accepting Jesus as their savior over the past fifteen years.

Assistant Pastor

Kevin Thomas

Kevin Thomas, is a young passionate Assistant Pastor, who wants to inspire and lead congregations. His journey began at a young age when he felt a profound calling by God, leading him to share the Word and uplift those around him.

Kevin’s spiritual journey started when he was just a child at the age of 7. Recognised by his parents for his ability to preach and connect with people, he quickly started studying the Bible . His beginning sermons were taught by his parents and through the Holy spirit he was able to touch the hearts of many which laid the foundation for him to serve God in his vineyard.

As an Assistant Pastor, Kevin Thomas wants to bring a new sense of authenticity to the church. Kevin’s approach is not only to lead but to empower others to find their own spiritual paths and strengthen their relationship with God. Kevin has a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies and a Masters in Religious Studies from Spicer Adventist University.

Kevin’s mission is to continue to serve Gods people in whatever capacity he can. He wants to guide others through their spiritual journeys and help in creating a community built on faith, love, and service. He believes in the power of prayer, the importance of community, and the transformative impact of God’s word.

Our History

Our Church was built in 1935 with contributions from dedicated church members. Learn more about how we got started.

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Our Commitment

Pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on each member of the Church.


Organize ourselves to become a church with a passion for service.


Witness everyday at home, church, work, school and other areas in the community.


Equip the Central English Church to become an Urban Mission Center.


Reveal the personal connection, communion and the character of Jesus at all times.