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Building Project

Building Project

The building project is an initiative proposed by the church to help better serve the...

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383 Days left to achieve target

The Christian life is based on the twin pillars of discovery and communication. No discovery is complete until the desire to share it fills our hearts; and we cannot communicate Christ to others until we have discovered him for ourselves.

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Arnab's Story

From darkness into light!

I was born into a conservative family. Looking back, though, I hadn’t understood the purpose of my life, I see that God always had a plan for my life. I grew up among wonderful people encouraged the belief in the existence of a supernatural power and who worshipped idols. As a moderately obedient child, I grew up worshipping idols. I felt that the idols were supreme in power and were worthy of worship. As a young boy in school, I learnt that the Almighty was the Creator. He could not be created! This teaching was a part of our Moral Science classes in school. Though compelled to worship idols, at home, I lost the interest in them. Coercion made me deviate towards atheism….

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